Václav Kapsa

Václav KapsaVáclav Kapsa studied musicology at the Faculty of Arts, Charles University (Ph.D. 2009). Since 1999, he has been working in the music department of the National Library of the Czech Republic; among other tasks there, he collaborated on projects focusing on acquiring electronic resources for music and musicology and making them available to the public. Between 1999 and 2002, he worked at the Institute of Musicology, Czech Academy of Sciences and from 2002 and 2018, at the Department of Music History, Institute of Ethnology, Czech Academy of Sciences. Since  2019, he has been a researcher at the Institute of Art History Czech Academy of Sciences focusing on 18th-century music, particularly the work of Prague composers of the early 18th century. Kapsa is the lead investigator on the project Tematické katalogy českých skladatelů online as part of Strategy AV 21 (program Memory in the Digital Age).