Lars Berglund

BerglundLars Berglund is Professor of Musicology at Uppsala University, Head of the Department of Musicology, and chair of the Swedish Society for Musicology. His research mainly focuses on the early modern period, with particular interests in cultural history, music analysis and aesthetics. His doctoral dissertation was a study of the vocal music by Christian Geist, a singer and composer from Mecklenburg active at the Swedish court in the 1670s. After that, he has specialized in sacred vocal music in the Jesuit circles in Rome, and the reception of Roman music in Northern Europe. He has edited a collection of motets by Bonifacio Graziani for A-R Editions (2011) and published a number of articles on 17th and 18th century music. A particular interest of his is cultural transfer and cultural exchange, and he is director of the network project “Musical-Cultural Exchange in Early Modern Europe”, a collaboration between Uppsala, Royal Hollway, University of London and Bach-Archiv, University of Leipzig. Apart from his interests in the early modern period, Berglund has also published studies on Swedish 20th century art music, and on problems of theory and method in the humanities.