Fontes musicae in Polonia

Fontes musicæ in Polonia

is a scientific platform initiated by the Faculty of Polish Music History, Institute of Musicology, University of Warsaw. The aim of this series are editions of early music sources from Poland. In the next years it will be mostly the results of the NPRH project titled:

series A catalogues of music collections preserved on the territory of Poland,

series B facsimile editions and books on history of music,

series C music scores from the territory of the old and present-day Polish state.

These series will appear simultaneously in two versions:

  • printed and
  • electronic, freely accessible on this website.

This publishing formula answers first and foremost to the needs of the present: effective global circulation of research results and easy access to sheet music for all those interested in early Polish repertoires.  By preparing this series, however, we aim to pay our debt of gratitude to the past, to study and revive forgotten monuments of our culture so that they are restored to the national heritage. The expected results of cooperation in an international research environment should lead to a reliable assessment of the historical values of our tradition. In this way, we also work for the future.