Between the worlds. The history of the Silesian cantor and his musical collection in times of religious changes (1654–1707)

The recently discovered collection of musical manuscripts belonged to Joannes Chrysostomus Zalaski, a cantor working in the second half of the 17th century in three Silesian cities: Prusice, Namysłów and Brzeg. His life and activity coincided with the times of recatholicisation – religious changes imposed by the political authorities after the Thirty Years’ War. The repertoire he collected includes works of local and widely known composers, related to Catholic and Lutheran environments, active in Silesia, Bohemia, Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth, Switzerland and Italy; more than half of the compositions are preserved uniquely. This book leads from the microhistory of cantor and his musical collection, through the historical and cultural context of three cities in which he worked, analysis of the repertoire and the references to a wider panorama of musical culture in times of religious changes.