Rasa Murauskaitė

MurauskaiteRasa Murauskaitė (DOB* – 1992) – is a M1 program student of music theory and critics in Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre. From September 2013 to February 2014 she studied in National Conservatory of Music and Dance of Paris and Paris school of Gregorian Chant. During this time she took part in the conference of musicologists „100 years of Medieval music“ and carried out a presentation „Hymn to Apollo“. In 2014 she also presented her research “Rock marches: Lithuanian identity facing the fall of Soviet union” in the international conferences in Istanbul as well as in Riga. She graduated Lithuanian academy of music and theatre with thesis “Postmodern encounters in New musicology: applying deconstruction to reading musical text of Valentin Bakfark’s Fantasies n. 1, n. 2 and Intabulation “Un gay bergier”.

Murauskaitė is an active participant in the conferences organised by LMTA where she hass won awards for the best presentations. The student writes articles in cultural press of Lithuania, takes part in organisation of musical festivals and different musicological projects. Due to high achievements in university and active participation in organisation of number of events she was rewarded with LMTA Senate scholarship as well as diploma from the Lithuanian minister of education and science. The main scientific interests: the music of XVI century in the Great Duchy of Lithuania, historiography, Gregorian chant, the phenomena of popular music, musical esthetics and psychology.