Laima Budzinauskienė

uni_femaleLaima Budzinauskienė graduated from the Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre in 1995 with a Bachelor’s degree in Musicology, and in 1996 she continued with her Master studies in musicology (supervisor Assoc. Prof. Dr. Jūratė Gustaitė). In 2000 she defended her doctoral dissertation Late 18th-century–19th-century Lithuanian church capellas. Activities and repertoire (supervisor Dr. Jūratė Trilupaitienė). From 1996−2002 she was a senior teacher at the National M. K. Čiurlionis Art School, and from 2002,she has been a research fellow at the Lithuanian Institute of Cultural Research. From 2010, she has been a lecturer at the Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre, and the head of the Department of Music History since 2012. She has written over 20 scientific articles and read papers at Lithuanian and international conferences, and in 2007−2012 she was the compiler of the “Menotyra” journal dedicated to musicology. From 2013 she has served as the editor in chief and compiler of the “Ars et praxis” journal. She has been a member of the Lithuanian Composers’ Union since 2012. Research interests include: 18th-19th-century Lithuanian music history, musical manuscripts, personalities from this field, and the activities and repertoire of church capellas.