Jūratė Trilupaitienė

trilupaitienėJūratė Marija Trilupaitienė studied 1962-1968 at the Lithuanian State Conservatoire (presently Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre). She obtained Ph.D. degree for the dissertation on Protestant music in Lithuania in 16th-17th centuries (1988); and habilitation in humanities title (Arts Research) for the study Lithuanian Church Music of 16th-17th Centuries: the Impact of Confessional Movements upon its Development (1999). Trilupaitienė published many papers in scientific national and international journals. Reported in international conferences in Lithuania and abroad. She is employed at the Lithuanian Culture Research Institute as senior research fellow. The field of her investigation covers musical events in Lithuania from ancient times till the 20th century, with the special focus on the music culture in Lithuania in the 16th-18th centuries. Jūratė Trilupaitienė is Lithuanian Grand Duke Gediminas Order Bearer, she is a member of Lithuanian Composers’ Union.