The Music Repertoire of the Jesuits in the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth: Editions – Discoveries – Perspectives (9–10.09.2021)

Jesuit grant final conference 2021 final programme

Link to event (suggested browser: Chrome, please log with initially muted microphones and cameras swtched-off, 15. mins before):

The last year of our project has just begun. We are convinced that it is a good moment to plan a meeting, during which we may summarize our cooperation, share our experiences, celebrate our achievements and suggest new forms of further activity. For this purpose, we organise the final conference of the project, entitled The Music Repertoire of the Jesuits in the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth: Editions – Discoveries – Perspectives.

Hereby, we would like to invite you to participate in this event; proposing a set of questions that may be inspiring for drawing conclusions or making new hypotheses based on your research:

1) What ideas initiated or generated the cultural tradition examined in our project?

2) Were the artefacts of this culture created intentionally, or as a result of an accommodation process?

3) Do the researched phenomena of the music culture have something in common that is recognisable and distinctive?

4) In what ways were the ideas disseminated on the examined territory?

5) How did the mechanisms of transmission of cultural goods and musical competences function?

6) How were they influenced by the mobility of both Jesuits and musicians?

7) In what ways were these phenomena assimilated, and what was their role in social identification?

8) What did the stability and variability of the cultural traditions in question look like?

9) In what ways did the Jesuit institutions favour their uniformization and universalization?

10) What distinctive features did the Jesuit network of music culture have in comparison to other similar networks?

11) What were the basic ways of cultural communication in the environments in question?

12) Does the Jesuit cultural discourse have any distinctive features? (If so, what are they like?)

We are looking forward to your answer, hoping that you accept our invitation and we may all meet in September (at least online).

Kind regards and all best wishes,

Bogna Bohdanowicz, Katarzyna Spurgjasz, Maciej Jochymczyk & Tomasz Jeż