Sixth publication in “Fontes”

A crucial place in the music collection from Braniewo, looted 1626 and added to the collection of Uppsala University Library (S-Uu), is occupied by partbooks held under the shelf-marks 394–399. It consists of a block of prints by Teodoro Riccio and manuscript supplement dated 1581–1626 which contains 19 Latin liturgical compositions. The repertoire of Braniewo college included the compositions of local composers: like a Jesuit Jan Brant, and Giovanni Battista Cocciola, a musician in the chapel of the Bishop Szymon Rudnicki, a prominent patron of this college. The Jesuit chapel of Braniewo performed also the music of European masters: motets by Giovanni Pierluigi da Palestrina, Jachet de Mantua and Hans Leo Hassler.

Sixth musical publication of Fontes musicae – C / VI: Motecta scripta in Collegio Braunsbergensis Societatis Jesu (S-Uu 394-399), ed. Jacek Iwaszko, Warsaw, Wydawnictwo Naukowe Sub Lupa 2018 – is available for free download from our website.