Lÿtaniæ de omnibus Sanctis pro diebus Rogationum

From the environment of Silesian Jesuits emerged Joannes Faber’s Lÿtaniæ de omnibus Sanctis pro diebus Rogationum – a composition based on the text of the Litany of the Saints, yet treated quite freely in respect to Jesuit liturgical practice. The lack in the litany’s formulary of the names of saints characteristic of the Jesuit tradition, and also of those who were particularly revered locally, may be seen as symptomatic of a universalising stance, by no means less typical of the Society of Jesus than the accommodative strategy normally associated with it. Such an approach favoured, on one hand, the widest possible dissemination of repertoire and, on the other, the strengthening of the idea unifying the liturgical-musical tradition. Yet whilst the accommodative strategy served to popularise the output of a locally active composer and enable his works to be performed in practically any centre, the other approach rendered that repertoire universal, which was crucial at a time when the Jesuits were conducting missions on every continent.

The work can be freely downloaded from the subpage of the C series.