Joannes Possival. Litaniae lauretanae sub titulo Consolatrix afflictorum

Joannes Possival was one of those Jesuits active in the field of music who, though born in Bohemia, spent a large part of their lives in Silesia. He carried out the function of praefectus musicae for as many as 16 years, throughout his life, among others in Kłodzko (1693/1694, 1695–1698, 1700/1701 and 1703–1706) and Głogów; the order’s catalogue describe his as a “musicus vocalista et componista”. Specific information concerning his output can be found in the music inventories belonging to the Piarists of Slaný and Kosmonosy and to the Benedictines of Rajhrad of 1725. Among the works written in honour of the Blessed Virgin Mary we find Joannes Possival’s only surviving work, Litaniae lauretanae sub titulo Consolatrix afflictorum, copied for the canonesses monastery in Wrocław, 1721.

The work is available for free download at notes editions subpage of Fontes Musicae.