Inventoria rerum musicalium domum Societatis Iesu in Polonia et Lituania tempore suppressionis

The present edition discusses various aspects of Jesuit musical culture in the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth, included in the inventories of Jesuit houses issued in late 1773 and early 1774 as a result of the Suppression of the Society of Jesus. Those inventories are describing 55 Jesuit houses located on the territory left under Polish sovereignty after the First Partition of Poland-Lithuania: 16 colleges, 7 residences, 2 novitiate houses, 2 professed houses, 2 tertianship houses, as well as 26 Roman or Greek Catholic churches located in Jesuit missions or landed estates.

This kind of sources virtually never been used in the study of Jesuit musical culture, which has mainly focused on music manuscripts and prints, and the narrative sources collected at the Roman Archive of the Society of Jesus (historiae, litterae annuae).