Carolus Rabovius: O Domine Jesu, Salutemus Matrem, Surgamus eamus properemus

Carolus Rabovius (1619–1686) as a Jesuit was active in Chomutov, Jindřichův Hradec, Kłodzko, Kutná Hora, Znojmo and Prague, where he was a praefectus musicae, regens of the boarding schools and even rector of the college. He won special recognition as a composer; was one who immensely contributed to the flourishing of the musical arts at St Wenceslaus Seminarium. The three his compositions from the music collection of the Canonesses Regular of St Augustine in Wrocław which survived to our times, are subject of the present edition: the church concerto O Domine Jesu for soprano, violin obligato and viola da gamba with basso continuo sets the text of the Prayer to the Five Wounds of Christ of St Francis Xavier, the motet Salutemus Matrem, based on the poetic epithets for the Blessed Virgin Mary and Surgamus, eamus, properemus, scored for alto, tenor, bass, and organ (basso continuo), based on a paraphrase of selected lines from the Biblical Song of Songs and borrowed the complete musical material of a similarly scored piece by Giacomo Carissimi.