Asprilio Pacelli. Opera ex fontibus Ecclesiae Cathedralis Cracoviensis

Asprilio Pacelli (ca. 1567–1623) held the post of maestro di cappella at the court of Sigismund III Vasa, and first yers of his stay in Poland spend in Kraków. The testimony of his activity there are compositions edited in this volume, Rorate caeli and Missa Ave Maris Stella. They have been preserved in manuscript form as part of the former collection of the royal Rorate Singers’ Ensemble. These works by Pacelli demonstrate that interest in this composer’s music continued at Wawel Cathedral for nearly one-and-a-half centuries. These stile antico pieces were adapted for the local needs and represent a trend in the Roman composer’s output which developed simultaneously with his polychoral and concertate pieces, in the more than twenty-year-long period of his residence in Poland.