A collection of articles in Fontes

A work entitled Universalia et particularia. Ars et praxis Societatis Jesu in Polonia has been published in series B of “The musical repertoire of the Society of Jesus in the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth (1565-1773)” project.

The present book is a collection of articles concerning Jesuit artistic culture of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth in the context of both global and local phenomena. Scholars dealing with Jesuit architecture, education, literature, music and theatre all agree that art created in the environment of the Society of Jesus was conditioned by a very distinct tendency toward homogenisation (on the level of provinces, states, continents, as well as globally) on the one hand, and by strategies of cultural accommodation on the other – so highly characteristic of Jesuit activity and very much ahead of their time.

The book is available to free download in “Books and sources for the history of music” section (series B).